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Odd icons

For all your unussual Needs

Odd Icons
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Welcome to Odd icons! I'm your host Cissy, ok enough of the gay stuff here are the Rules:

1.DON'T USE NETSPEAK:I hate netspeak don't use it or I will kill you. Trust me I will find you and you will DIE
2.This is not a chatroom:Please do not hold private conversations here. I may start a community just for meating friends but this is not it. Post like this will be DEALTED
3.Don't advertise here:Self explanetory, just don't do it you'll be dealted.

1.Don't Request stupid crap:I allow you to request but please don't request anything I consider stupid. This is my community and I don't want to make stuff I don't like, you know things like Laguna beach. (gross)
2.Don't post your request as new post:I will make a post that says "Request" and so on and so forth.
3.Provide your own image:I'm not about to spend Hours searching the web for a picture that's not for. So provide your own please. </color>

I am curently looking for a person to make me a custom layout if you do, I will freakin love you. Not only will you get credit, I will promote you ALOT.

Thats it for now. I will be making a list of stupid thing shortly. chao!
and also If you would like to make icons here just email me and ask. </color>